Pictorialism: Artistic Photographs by Elias Goldensky

a photograph bathed in soft focus, where ethereal light and hazy emotions take center stage. This is the essence of Pictorialism, a late 19th and early 20th-century artistic movement that challenged the prevailing notion of photography as a mere recorder of reality. Pictorialists sought to elevate the medium, transforming photographs into evocative artworks that rivaled paintings in their beauty and emotional resonance.

Artistic Photographs, Elias Goldensky
Portrait of three women, Elias goldensky

Artistic Photographs by Elias Goldensky

Elias Goldensky, American photographer, born in Russia, 1867-1943. He is famous as a portrait photographer and photojournalist. He has many works and portraits of well-known figures, the most famous of which is a portrait of US President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 1933.
In imgult we display the most beautiful artistic photos taken by photographer Elias Goldensky.

Elias Goldensky: Head and shoulders study

Elias Goldensky, Head and shoulders study, Artistic Photographs
Elias Goldensky. Head and shoulders study 1920. at George Eastman Museum

  • Head and shoulders study: ca. 1920, Photograph Elias Goldensky (1867–1943), Gelatin silver print, Image size: 27.6 x 35.3 cm.

Annette Kellerman in bathing costume

elias goldensky, Artistic Photographs
Annette Kellerman in bathing costume. 1910. George Eastman Museum

  • Annette Kellerman in bathing costume: ca. 1910, Elias Goldensky, Gelatin silver print, Image size: 24.2 x 19 cm.

Elias Goldensky: Woman 1910

elias goldensky, Woman 1910
Elias Goldensky.Woman 1910. at George Eastman Museum

  • Woman 1910: Photograph Elias Goldensky ( 1867–1943), Gelatin silver print, Image: 19 × 23.5 cm.

Woman and rose

Elias Goldensky, Woman and rose, Photographs
Woman and rose.

  • Woman and rose: Photograph Elias Goldensky (1867–1943), Gelatin silver print, Color print (Hicro).

Elias Goldensky: Woman with flowers

Woman with flowers, 1915, Old Photographs
 Woman with flowers

  • Woman with flowers: ca. 1915, Photograph Elias Goldensky (1867–1943), Gum bichromate print, Image size: 24.2 × 19.6 cm.

Woman with rose

Woman with rose, 1916, Art Photography
Woman with rose.1916. at George Eastman Museum

  • Woman with rose: ca. 1916, Photograph Elias Goldensky (1867–1943), Color print (Hicro), Image size: 23.0 x 19.4 cm.

Woman with fan

vintage photos, Elias Goldensky, Woman with fan
Woman with fan 1915

  • Woman with fan: ca. 1915, Photograph Elias Goldensky (1867–1943), Gum bichromate print, Image size: 24.7 x 20.0 cm.

Artistic Body Photography

A collection of creative images of the art of body photography, lensed by Elias Goldensky:

Elias Goldensky: The Offering

The Offering, vintage photos
The Offering, 1917

The Offering: ca. 1917, Photograph Elias Goldensky (American, 1867–1943), Platinum or gum bichromate print.

body photography: Standing woman

Artistic Photographs, body photography
Standing woman. Elias Goldensky

Standing woman: Photograph Elias Goldensky (1867–1943), Platinum print.

Seated woman draped in cloth

vintage photos, Photographs
Seated woman draped in cloth

Seated woman draped in cloth: Photograph Elias Goldensky (American, b. Russia, 1867–1943), Gelatin silver print.

Pictorialism: Artistic nude study.

body photography, Elias Goldensky

Elias Goldensky: Seated body woman.

Elias Goldensky, Seated body woman

Pictorialism: Elias Goldensky art of body photography.

Artistic Photographs

Elias Goldensky: Study woman body.

vintage photos, Body art photography

Elias Goldensky: Seated nude woman.

Body art photography
Seated woman

Elias Goldensky Seated  woman 1910

Elias Goldensky, Body art photography

Seated woman: Annette Kellerman in bathing costume, ca. 1910, Photograph Elias Goldensky (1867–1943), Gelatin silver print, Image size: 24.2 x 19 cm.

Old Photographs, It was a review of some of the work of photographer Elias Goldensky on Imgult. Share with us arts topics.

Image sources

George Eastman Museum
Elias Goldensky

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